Business Planning

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When it comes to wealth management and financial planning, business owners often face decisions, options, and challenges that differ from those faced by others.

Yet it is highly advisable that business planning and personal financial planning be intertwined, and our approach is to take a close look at both—examining operational issues, risk management, succession planning, and executive compensation. We also look at benefit packages, key employee insurance, and valuation.

Although business owners may be extremely capable of running their businesses, they often welcome our expertise and knowledge of financial strategies and nuances that can help them maximize the stability, continuity, and profitability of their practices.

In short, business planning is a critical component of wealth management, and a sophisticated and strategic plan for your business will be well coordinated with your overall plans for taxation, investments, insurance, estate, and retirement.

The financial success of your business has an immediate impact on the economic security of your family. Without a proper plan, you may have difficulty tapping the value of your business to support your retirement—or your family may lose the value of your business at your death.

The wealth management process coordinates the management of your business throughout its life cycle and is designed to leave you well positioned when you move into retirement.